Boerner’s Big Bear

Bear has sired some of the most beautiful babies for us, but it is time for him to have a wonderful retirement with a family to call all his own.  He does NOT do well with other males.  Bear has been neutered and is current on all preventatives and vaccinations.  He is also microchipped.  Bear… Read more »

Boerner’s Belle of Rib Mountain

Belle is a very big 124 pound girl that has a nose as big as her heart.  She is a Dribble & Georgia baby that grew to be a beautiful girl that loves using that nose of hers – just as she was bred to do.  She has had some blood trailing training and gets… Read more »

Boerner’s Smoky Mountain Shelby

Shelby is a sweet girl and very active.  Coming from great working lines in the Smoky Mountains of TN, she has produced only one litter (only time bred), but oh the beautiful babies!  They all had mesmerizing eyes just like her. Shelby is more fond of women than she is of men.  She is a… Read more »

Boerner’s TinkerBell

TinkerBell is a wonderful momma and all around great girl.  She has had 2 beautiful litters with Juneau.  She is UKC and AKC FSS registered.  Current on all vaccinations and preventions and microchipped.

Boerner’s Second Chance of Rib Mountain

Chance has done some deer trailing, but nothing formal as far as training goes.  He has a great drive and loves to run and play.  He has been house trained and is current on all shots.  Great with kids, although sometimes he forgets his size so may not be the best around very small children. … Read more »

Boerner’s Bama Boy

**Retired from Breeding & SAR** Bama comes from a little town in north Alabama. He is so cute and full of personality. He too will be trained for SAR and will also be the other breeding male for our next generation of bloodhounds. He has amazing lines that are sure to produce some wonderful pups… Read more »

Sweet Dixie Lullaby

Dixie is a puppy from our own Hub and a pretty red female, Sally. We have been very happy with Hub’s puppies so far and Dixie is definitely no exception. She is a gorgeous girl with lots of wrinkles and excellent bone structure. She has produced some of the most beautiful and best tempered pups…. Read more »

Big Gunner

Gunner is a pup from our own Abbie and Bama. He has amazing lines, including Brighton’s Top Cop on Abbie’s side and Willy Wonka from Bama’s. He is a beautiful, wrinkly boy with a outstanding personality. He has a love for the water and sure to be a great tracker.

Magnolia Rain – “Maggie”

Maggie is another sweet girl from Bama and Emma Lynn – my favorite pairing. She is as sweet as her name sounds – full of love and happiness. She loves little kiddos and her best bud, Hope. Looking forward to some beautiful pups from her to keep our Lines from both parents going Maggie’s Litters

Riley Rae

Riley is a Hub baby… She is a beautiful full bodied black & tan with the sweetest disposition. Her build is beautiful and her nose is amazing. She loves treeing squirrels and wrestling with Dozer and Ginny.  She loves to talk and gives lots of kisses..  We just love her! Riley’s Litters