I have had two of

I have had two of Nancy’s Bloodhounds. Both of them were the best dogs that have ever owned me. Not only are all of her dog beautiful and friendly, but they’re also absolute joys to have around the house. My babies were retirees. Will always go to Boerner’s for my Bloodhounds. Thank you, Nancy, for your amazing dogs.

Cindy Harris

I have two beauties, Riley

I have two beauties, Riley Rae and Magnolia Rain. They are bloodhounds and they are simply the best.

Ann Hood

Nancy Boerner has the best

Nancy Boerner has the best bloodhounds. We have two, Kobe who is 4, and Rubi who is 9 1/2 months. When our first bloodhound passed in 2018, we found Nancy on the internet. She was expecting two litters, so we reserved a Black and Tan male from the second litter. That Black and Tan had to go to another individual. Nancy asked if we would take a Liver and Tan male from the first litter. Of course we said yes. Kobe ‘s coloring is gorgeous, and he receives compliments from everyone. Our 13 year old basset passed in March of 2022, and we wanted to get another bloodhound as a playmate for Kobe. Nancy was expecting a litter in March, so we picked out a sweet, adorable red baby girl. We named her Rubi Red. She is so affectionate. She was almost completely potty trained when we brought her home and has slept through the night since day one. Nancy and the mama Belle did an awesome job raising Rubi and her litter mates. We would definitely go back to Boerner’s Bloodhounds for another baby.

Charles and Barbara Barker

Here is our Tucker…purchased in

Here is our Tucker…purchased in Nov. 2013

Zane n Kathy Sterling

Dixie June is the daughter

Dixie June is the daughter of Gunnar and June Bug and has been a part of our family for almost 5 years. She is the sweetest, most wonderful family dog we could ever ask for! Dixie loves making snow angels and hiking in the Colorado mountains. Thank you Nancy! #lifelikedixie

Kelley Collier

Tabbatha Lowery White

Finally got to meet Nancy and Dave face to face. Felt like we’ve been friends forever. They have the same values we do when it comes to raising our babies. Can’t wait to see what she produces in coming years. Awesome Breeder. P

Jami Rochelle

We are getting our 2nd Bloodhound from Nancy on Friday! These are the most amazing dogs and working with Nancy has been such an amazing experience.

Traci Williams Snyder

My husband and I are picking up our third bloodhound from Nancy on October 15th. We have been so happy with our sweet babies and have completely fallen in love with the breed. Nancy puts so much care and love into her dogs and puppies and it truly shows. We are blessed to know Nancy and are so thankful for the four legged gifts of love we have received from her.

Barbara Schrank

I have one of Nancys Porcelain’s. Asia is her name. She is trained to track missing and lost pets. Not only is she good at her job , but she is the most friendly, loving dog I’ve ever had. Nancy is always available to talk about her babies and I love sharing Asia’s success stories with her. I am going to get a second puppy from Boerner’s in a few weeks. I can’t express how happy I am to have found such a loving breeder and really amazing dogs!! I just want to say thank you!!!

Kevin Pirtle

If you are looking for a bloodhound for search and rescue or a law enforcement K9, this is the place to go. I know Nancy has dogs in multiple SAR organizations as well as law enforcement throughout the country. The bloodlines of the hounds here do have the drive to be successful in either field. They are socialized very well during the first eight weeks of birth. Nancy watches the litters and is helpful in choosing the right puppy for your situation or need! I have three bloodhounds and a porcelaine from Boerner’s, ranging in ages from 5 years old to 2 years old. ALL of my dogs are certified mantrailing K9’s. I know a hound up in Kansas from Boerner’s Bloodhounds that is a police K9 and has had success catching felons as well. This is proof that Boerner’s Bloodhounds has dogs that are able to get the job done!

Brandy Mikulenka Moody

The love and care that Nancy Boerner gives the bloodhounds is beyond measure. Our precious girl is so well socialized, sweet, healthy, cuddly and fearless. We are so thankful for her! Couldn’t ask for more and can’t wait to get another one next year!! Thank you, Nancy!!

Linda C Wilson

I have heard and seen nothing but love and adoration from anyone associated with Nancy’s home. I can’t wait tojoin the Boerner’s Club!

Christina Pieper

My son lost his St. Bernard three years ago his name was loki . Loki was his service dog. My son went into a deep depression as he has aspburgers a high functioning form of autism. Noah isn’t very social and wasn’t interested in getting another service dog for a long time. Then we found Nancy and we found the bloodhound breed Nancy helped us tremendously by placing Maggie with my son right at Christmas she became our Christmas miracle. Without the help of Nancy my sons life would not be what it is today he smiles he’s laughing he plays everywhere he goes Maggie is right beside him . You can not find a better person to put your trust in than Nancy. God bless her . She is amazing

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