Bringing Puppy Home

Will you be picking up your new puppy from Boerner’s Bloodhounds and Bernese Mountain Dogs soon?

If so, below is some important information you should know and answers a lot of questions we are typically get asked prior to pick up or transporting of pups.  I know this is a lot of info, but PLEASE take the time to read through everything.

Calypso’s Bernese Mountain Dog litter will be ready on 6/30/23.

Please let me know a week before puppies turn 8 weeks old when you will be planning on picking up your puppy (day & time). Also, I ask that you send me a text at (210) 380-2276 when about an hour away, so I know when to expect you. Sometimes folks are running early or late and this is very helpful. Also, when you send me the text, I will reply with our gate code.

Can I pick my puppy up earlier than 8 weeks old?  I’m very sorry, but NO.  There are no exceptions, so please do not ask.  First of all, we firmly believe that it is very important for the puppy’s health to remain here until 8 weeks, but we are state licensed and it is not worth it for us to risk our license so someone can get their puppy a couple days earlier.  If you have vacation or plans about the time your puppy will be ready, we will be more than happy to keep the puppy longer.

What do I need to bring when picking up my puppy?  We recommend bringing a crate, towel, bowl, and leash – especially when coming from far away.  Pups will have a collar – nothing fancy or special, so you will not need to bring a collar which will make it easier for sizing up your pup.  Puppies typically wear a 6″ to 12″ collar and weigh between 10 to 18 pounds.  We recommend the cheaper adjustable collars, as your puppy will grow out of it quickly.  This is pretty much a small or medium sized collar.  They may cry some in a crate, but will probably fall asleep after a short while.  They really do well if holding them – my favorite way to bring home a new pup 🙂

Will your pup be transported?  I will be getting with those having pups transported individually.  Puppies can be flown and will be set up by me IF the temperatures at each stop are between 45-85 degrees.  I cannot fly pups if above or below those temps.  Puppies can be ground shipped, but please be aware that it typically takes a few days for pups to reach their final destination.  I am more than happy to help get you set up or provide a few references that I trust.  I will only send our pups with USDA certified transporters.  However, once a puppy leaves here with a ground shipper, we cannot be held responsible for the care or treatment of the puppy.  There are a lot of dishonest people portraying themselves as ground shippers or USDA licensed transporters that are not trustworthy at all.

Those that are having pups transported will receive the pup’s Puppy Folder with all kinds of info and your Sales Contract/Health Guarantee.  It is VERY important that I receive this document back filled out and signed – either mailed in the addressed, stamped envelope I provide or you can scan and email to me.  There is a copy within the folder for you as well.

How can I make my final payment and when is it due?  Final payment for your pup is due when picking up your puppy or at least a day prior to shipping.  Final payment can be made with cash, credit card, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, or Zelle.  If shipping, the shipping costs (airfare, crate and health cert) will be added to your balance unless paying the transporter directly.  In that case, only the cost of the health certificate needed for transport will be added.  Ground transport fees vary by transporter and distance.

Payment link for online credit card payments, PayPal or Venmo:  Online Payments

What will puppies be fed while at Boerner’s Bloodhounds?  We feed our pups VICTOR Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food.  This particular product is for ALL life stages, which means no need to change your pup’s food once it matures.  We get ours from Chewy, but I believe Tractor Supply carries it as well.


How often are pups fed and what feeding schedule is recommended?  We free feed our puppies so that they have food available at all times.  We also free feed our adults in elevated bowls, which is believed to help prevent bloat or gastric torsion.  If you wish to change your puppy’s food, we recommend that you mix Victor Select Beef with the new food for the first week, gradually adding more of your food to the mixture.  This will help keep your puppy’s tummy from getting upset. However, to help potty train, it may be helpful to change to feeding twice a day.  We recommend following the instructions provided in the below document.

Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula | Victor Pet Food

What is NuVet Plus We have been giving pups NuVet Plus Immune Support.  All of our dogs take NuVet Plus daily.  This is an amazing supplement and we highly recommend continuing them on it if possible.  Below is the letter, along with brochures from NuVet.  You will be receiving a 6 day sample and more info in your Puppy Folder. Puppies are getting the wafers, which they usually eat like a treat.  If they refuse, just break up and add to their food.  I do keep extra bottles of the wafers on hand that I can sell at the same cost in the event you decide to continue your pup on this supplement and have not received your order by time your puppy is ready to go home.

NuVet Letter

NuVet Labs (

Puppy Immunity Gap Brochure

When should I set up my puppy’s vet appointment?  Puppies receive their vet check and 1st puppy vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.  The next vaccination will be due at 9 weeks, which will be 1 week after picking up your puppy (if picked up at 8 weeks old).  If puppies are here after 8 weeks, they will be kept current on all vaccinations, wormings, etc…

You should schedule an appointment with your vet for their 2nd round of vaccinations, which is due 7/7/23. If receiving your pup after 9 weeks, we will have them current, so we will go over the next vaccination due date.  It is recommended to set up within the first week of receiving the pup.  This way your vet can get you set up on a vaccination schedule and can also give your pup a good exam so he/she can get familiar with your new baby.  It is very important that you understand it is necessary for your pup to receive 2nd, 3rd and 4th boosters to fully protect him or her against parvo.

It is NOT a good idea to take your puppy out and around other dogs or doggie parks until at least 72 hours after the 4th puppy shot.  This is very important for your puppy – Parvo is a puppy killer and can be picked from the ground and brought in from bottoms of shoes, tires, etc.. anywhere Parvo has been present.

What all will be coming with my puppy?  New owners will receive a Boerner’s Bloodhounds gift pack, along with a Puppy Care Folder and sample bag of food, Health Records, Microchip info, Sales Contract/Health Guarantee, a 6 day sample of NuVet Plus, book about the breed, as well as other informative publications we feel will help you with your new fur baby.

What about my pup’s AKC Registration?  Puppies will be registered directly into the new owners’ names as well.  However, I will not be able to complete it until you have provided me with the name of your puppy.  Most will just add their last name to the name picked out, but others like to come up with a more elaborate name for the AKC registration. There will be no additional fees for registering since i will be handling it.  Each owner will receive the puppy’s AKC Registration number and confirmation of registration.  Then AKC will send your Registration Certificate.

** The only exception is in the case of a multi sired litter.  Due to needing to DNA each puppy to determine parentage, it may be several weeks before we receive AKC registrations.  I will mail all info once received.

What about the Microchip?  Please note that your puppy has been microchipped.  You will be given the microchip information when picking up the puppy.  I will be registering your pup directly into your name, which we will do within one week after pick up or shipping.  That will give new owners time to pick out the perfect name for their baby.  I will need the name you give your pup before o can register – just the call name for this.  Puppies will be registered through AKC Reunite.  All info will be provided at pick up.

What about Pet Insurance?  I am also happy to share that in addition to the 30 days of free AKC Health Insurance (will be available once I complete your registration after pick up),  you will also receive 30 days free from Trupanion Pet Insurance.  This one MUST be activated the day before, the day of or the day after picking up your pup.  Please see the video link below for a quick 1-2 minute message about Trupanion.  The promo code for Trupanion that is needed is BR1BBL21021

  • Trupanion Breeder Program Go Home Day Offer:
  • 30 day no obligation offer
  • Immediate coverage, no waiting periods
  • 90% coverage with no payout limits
  • $250 deductible. Deductible applies per condition, for pets lifetime
  • Coverage for any new injuries or illnesses

When should I spay/neuter my puppy?  We recommend spaying or neutering your new baby between 18-24 months.  This will help their bones reach maturity before taking away those much needed hormones.  It also allows those growth plates to finish growing.  We also recommend talking to your vet about performing the gastropexy surgery to help prevent bloat.  This procedure will tack the stomach to the side wall of the tummy area.  When done at the same time, it will not only save money, but will also keep your dog from having to go under anesthesia a second time.

Thank you again and welcome to our Boerner’s Bloodhound and Bernese Mountain Dog Family!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Thank you,
  • Nancy Boerner
  • Boerner’s Bloodhounds
  • (210) 380-2276 cell