Bloodhounds and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Boerner’s Bloodhounds is located in Sisterdale, Texas, just 45 miles North West of San Antonio, in the beautiful Hill Country. We have been training and breeding these wonderful hounds since 2000. Our bloodhound litters have consisted of black & tans, liver & tans, reds, and light skinned reds. Each Bloodhound & Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is AKC registered directly into the new owner’s name.  All pups vet checked, microchipped and registered directly to new owner, receives first set of shots by vet (and will receive all additional age appropriate vaccinations and preventatives), is dewormed and comes with a 1 year health guarantee.  Bernese Mountain Dogs will also have dewclaws removed.

Our puppies have gone to loving homes as companions, to be shown in competition, trained as therapy dogs, to ranches to be trained for blood trailing, Law Enforcement agencies, and to Search and Rescue homes. We do NOT sell to pet brokers or pet stores. All of our puppies receive a lot of affection and love – so all have a wonderful disposition for their new families. Puppies are all evaluated to see which would be best suited for family/companion pets or for working. We definitely want both pup and family happy. Placing a high drive pup in a normal family home will only make everyone miserable. So evaluating and making recommendations based on what each family is looking for is so very important. We also work with pups to help desensitize against most noises that can upset or scare them. Puppies are also introduced to different things and different surfaces to help them be more confident when walking on different surfaces. We have a little obstacle course which also helps them learn to use their back legs to go up and down stairs, through tunnels and even down a slide. This is all very helpful for those wanting a working dog, but also very helpful even for our family/companion pups.

When able, we also take in rescued bloodhounds or bloodhounds that cannot be cared for any longer and place them in good homes. If we do not have the room, then we are still more than happy to help place the bloodhound in need by posting and contacting those on our adult waiting list after screening the bloodhound and the potential adopting family.  We always take our puppies back at any age if the need arises.

We have worked some of our own Bloodhounds in Search and Rescue and for trailing wounded deer.