Boerner’s Bama Boy

**Retired from Breeding & SAR** Bama comes from a little town in north Alabama. He is so cute and full of personality. He too will be trained for SAR and will also be the other breeding male for our next generation of bloodhounds. He has amazing lines that are sure to produce some wonderful pups… Read more »

Big Gunner

Gunner is a pup from our own Abbie and Bama. He has amazing lines, including Brighton’s Top Cop on Abbie’s side and Willy Wonka from Bama’s. He is a beautiful, wrinkly boy with a outstanding personality. He has a love for the water and sure to be a great tracker.

Boerner’s Juney Tunes of Teoc

We were so fortunate to be able to give Juney a home here with us.  She has had a few different homes, just making her way here 🙂  The moment she met our grandson, there was an instant bond that all there could see.  That alone won me over, although she does come from amazing… Read more »

Hubba Bubba “Hub”

Hub joined our bloodhound pack in Feb of 2013. He is a big beautiful boy – with a lot more growing to do. Hub is a giant teddy bear – very sweet and gentle. We are excited to have him with us.  Hub has produced some of the biggest prettiest pups, including our own Dixie… Read more »