Boerners Bluemoon Miss MaryLou Mason Dixon of Teoc

Date of Birth: 03/11/2023

Weight: 106

Color: Black & Tan

MaryLou is something special…  Not only is she one of the prettiest girls to lay your eyes on, she has the sweetest and funniest temperament that we just love.  If she’s not trying to give kisses, she trying to get the other hounds to chase her with whatever she can find – toy, stick, feather, and will even pull her own weeds.  If no one pays her mind, she will run around the yard baying to get everyone’s attention.  Shes a nut and we love it!  MaryLou came to us from Mason Dixon Bloodhounds who AI’d their Bluemoon female, Lucy, with semen from the infamous Teoc’s Judge de River Bottom.  I knew she was going to be something special the first time I saw her 🙂