Species: Bloodhound

Sweet Dixie Lullaby

Dixie is a puppy from our own Hub and a pretty red female, Sally. We have been very happy with Hub’s puppies so far and Dixie is definitely no exception. She is a gorgeous girl with lots of wrinkles and excellent bone structure. She has produced some of the most beautiful and best tempered pups…. Read more »

Big Gunner

Gunner is a pup from our own Abbie and Bama. He has amazing lines, including Brighton’s Top Cop on Abbie’s side and Willy Wonka from Bama’s. He is a beautiful, wrinkly boy with a outstanding personality. He has a love for the water and sure to be a great tracker.

Magnolia Rain – “Maggie”

Maggie is another sweet girl from Bama and Emma Lynn – my favorite pairing. She is as sweet as her name sounds – full of love and happiness. She loves little kiddos and her best bud, Hope. Looking forward to some beautiful pups from her to keep our Lines from both parents going Maggie’s Litters

Riley Rae

Riley is a Hub baby… She is a beautiful full bodied black & tan with the sweetest disposition. Her build is beautiful and her nose is amazing. She loves treeing squirrels and wrestling with Dozer and Ginny.  She loves to talk and gives lots of kisses..  We just love her! Riley’s Litters

Missy Mizzou

Missy comes to us from Missouri. We are thrilled to add another Rib Mountain female to our gang. She is a big, beautiful and bold girl. We are expecting some great working lines when we breed her with Dozer. This will give us Rib Mountain on both sides. She has all the qualities we look… Read more »

JellyBean of Rib Mountain

We cannot be more excited to have kept JellyBean from one of our litters. JellyBean comes from JuneBug and Justice (a grandbaby to Clementine/Bama and then mother is Delta ). She has Rib Mountain lines, as well as our Bama lines and then our first lines from Clementine. She has the best of the best… Read more »


Ginny comes to us all the way for Virginia. She has amazing lines, including Coshelav and other lines that Nathan, National Dog Show 2013 winner, has. We are so excited to have Ginny in our pack. She has a lot of personality and just the sweetest girl ever. Ginny’s Litters

Delta Dawn of Rib Mountain

We could not be more proud of our addition of Delta. She is a Rib Mountain bloodhound, directly from Jerry Yelk. We are so honored to be able to carry on the Rib Mountain lines through Delta. She is a beautiful girl with the drive we look for in our tracking/trailing dogs. Delta was out… Read more »

Boerner’s Juney Tunes of Teoc

We were so fortunate to be able to give Juney a home here with us.  She has had a few different homes, just making her way here 🙂  The moment she met our grandson, there was an instant bond that all there could see.  That alone won me over, although she does come from amazing… Read more »

Loca Mocha

Mocha is a very sweet girl and full of life… Unfortunately, she is just unable to have puppies. She would make a great family pet, as she loves people and is great with children. Mocha absolutely loves the water and playing with toys. However, she is not that crazy about riding in the car, but… Read more »