Species: Bernese Mountain Dog

Boerner’s Big Bear

Bear was our first Bernese Mountain Dog after deciding this was our other heart breed.  Our very first dog as a family 30+ years ago was 1/2 bernese and 1/2 border collie and his name was also Bear.  We couldn’t be happier with this boy as he is very loving and handsome too.  He has… Read more »

Boerner’s Mighty Samson

Samson is our newest Berner – coming to us in 2022 from just up the road.  He is a very big and handsome boy.  I believe he will be the perfect pairing with our imported girls with his size and amazing coat.  He is such a silly boy and absolutely loves the water.  His favorite… Read more »

Boerner’s Sweet Aspen

Aspen is my right hand and constant shadow.  This girl is so observant and always watching everything.  She absolutely loves babies – any babies… she does not discriminate lol.  Aspen loves the water, hay bale jumping, giving hugs and doing anything her humans are doing.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. … Read more »

Denali QueenElsa Bohemia Bernica

Denali also comes to us from Czech Republic.  She comes from excellent champion lines and just as beautiful as she is sweet.  She loves to play, but her favorite thing ever is giving hugs.  Denali has an amazing thick, curly coat.  I cannot wait to see pups between her an Bearf – they will be… Read more »

Calypso QueenElsa Bohemia Bernica

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Calypso as part of our Berner family.  She and Denali were imported from Czech Republic.  She comes from excellent champion lines and it shows.  Calypso is our biggest Bernese and just the most loving ball of fluff ever.  She absolutely loves the water and to be with her… Read more »