Boerner’s Snakebit Summer Lovin of Rib Mountain

Date of Birth: 06/26/2022

Weight: 72

Color: Liver & Tan

Summer is a very special girl indeed – her name says it all.  When we decided to semi retire and cut our litters way back, our intention was to let the Rib Mountain lines fade out (which was a very difficult decision).  But Summer was the only pup born to our hounds,  Autumn and Chance.  She was born on my late father’s birthday and captured our hearts with her big personality.  Still, it was not my intention to keep her for ourselves.  Then we had a very unfortunate incident with a rattlesnake in which she was bit above her eye.  Our wonderful veterinarian and team was able to save her and she made a full recovery.  Well after that, you can imagine how hard it would have been to let this sweet girl go.  She was meant to be with us and the Rib Mountain lines will carry on through her.