Thank you for your submission!

Thank you for your interest in our Bloodhounds and/or Bernese Mountain Dogs and for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. Please check our Bloodhound or Bernese Upcoming or Current Litter Pages for litter information.  The most current and additional pics, videos and updates can be found on our FaceBook page:

We try to keep everyone in the same order that we receive questionnaires in, and a lot do have specific time frames in mind.  For example: even if someone is the 10th person to send in a questionnaire for a bloodhound male, it doesn’t mean they would have 10th pick… often people are looking for a pup a year in advance or just the right color, gender or wanting a pup from a specific pairing… Often times folks will contact us, then find a puppy somewhere else or change their mind completely. But we will let each know when pups are born and see if still interested. We will reach out to those in order of questionnaires received once pups are born, then will accept deposits to receive picking order once pups turn one week.

Everyone will then choose pups in order by male or female. I give everyone until pups are 7 weeks old to choose so that I have a week to get health certs for those being shipped (pups go to new homes no earlier than 8 weeks). We try to do weekly pics and will post on FaceBook and will try to keep up with my website (I’m horrible about it). We will start evaluating pups at 4 weeks, although we are watching them from birth to see which will be best suited as a family pet or a working dog. We will make recommendations based on what each new puppy owner is looking for and will answer any questions to help each make the best decision when choosing their pups. We want everyone happy – both families and puppies…

The total price for our bloodhound pups is $1,600 for limited AKC (no breeding) or $2,500 for full AKC registration (breeding rights and only available for certain litters to specific buyers only). Bernese Mountain Dog pups is $1,800 for limited AKC registration and full registration is $2,600 (only available for certain litters to specific buyers only).  Deposits are $300 and can be made via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or check. Then balance is due when picking up the pup. Our prices include tax and registration of the microchip and AKC registration directly into new owners’ names. So no additional fees on the new owners’ part and then I know each pups’ microchips and AKC registrations will be completed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at all. Thank you!!

Thank you,
Nancy Boerner
Boerner’s Bloodhounds
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