Puppy Update
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Update Posted:  5/13/17
Just 2 weeks to go until pups are ready to go to their new homes.  I will be
sending out the link soon for the Puppy Pick Up Info to those that have placed
deposits on pups from the current litters.   

New puppy pics have been posted.  You can go to "Puppies/Upcoming Litters"
and click on the litter to see the most recent pics.

Current Litters:
Dixie & Gunner and Ginny & Copper:  Both litters are now 6 weeks old.
Puppies are really growing...  They are all just too cute.  Pups are no longer
nursing and eating dry food only now.   They will be going to get their check
ups and 1st set of puppy shots on Monday.  Folks are all starting to choose
their pups and the ones that have not, will be finishing up this week.  We do not
have any pups available from either of the litters.  Puppies will be ready to go
to new homes on May 26th.

Upcoming Litters:
Clementine & Hub:  Clementine and Hub have been confirmed.  She should
have a litter of liver & tans and black & tans and will be due around June 9th..  
I am currently adding names to the waiting list.  

Scarlett & Rusty: Scarlett & Rusty have been bred.  If she takes she will
have a light skinned red and liver & tan litter.  She will be due around June
23rd and I will know in about a week or so if she is expecting or not.  I am
currently adding names to their waiting list.

JellyBean & Dozer: JellyBean will be bred soon.  This is a Rib Mountain litter,
so Limited AKC Registration will only be available (no breeding rights).  These
pups will have Rib Mountain lines on both mom and dad's sides.  She should
have all reds if she takes.  Once bred, I should know in about 4 weeks if she is
expecting.  Now adding names to the waiting list.  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Our
information on placing a deposit is listed in the "Purchasing Info/Prices" tab
and litter info is listed on the "Puppies/Upcoming Litters" tab.  Be sure to find
us on FaceBook by searching:  dnboerner@hctc.net and send a friend request

Thank you,
Nancy Boerner
Boerner's Bloodhounds