Puppy Update
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Update Posted:  9/3/17
I apologize....did not realize it had been so long since my last update.  Things
have been pretty hectic here between finishing up our fencing for the puppy
kennels, getting the adult kennels finished up and puppies...  

We do give our dogs and puppies NuVet Plus.  It is a wonderful supplement
and we strongly encourage anyone getting a pup to keep the puppy on it.  It is
an immunity booster and helps them with growing and developing.  Here is the   
NUVET LETTER LINK   Please take a moment to look into it.

Current Litters:
Scarlett & Rusty: Scarlett & Rusty's pups are now 9 weeks old.    We still
have 3 beautiful females available for their new forever homes.  There is one
liver & tan and 2 light skinned reds. They are UTD on shots/wormings, and like
all others are microchipped, AKC Registered, vet checked, .and come with a
health guarantee.

JellyBean & Dozer: JellyBean and Dozer puppies are now 6 weeks old.  
Puppies have been to the vet to receive their 1st puppy shots and vet
checked.  They are all doing great and almost ready to go to new homes.  This
is a Rib Mountain litter, so Limited AKC Registration only is available (no
breeding rights).  These pups will have Rib Mountain lines on both mom and
dad's sides.  We still have 2 red females available for reservation - #s 6 & 7.  

Laska & Max (Porcelaine Puppies): Laska and Max pups are now 3 weeks
old.  These are some of the cutest Porcelaines yet.  And at only 3 weeks, such
personalities already blooming.  They will begin eating food this week and
begin exploring outside more.  We still have 1 female and 4 males available for

Missy & Dozer: Missy and Dozer puppies are now 2 weeks old.  They are
really growing and their eyes are starting to open up.  These are going to be
some very pretty pups.  This is a Rib Mountain litter, so Limited AKC
Registration only is available (no breeding rights).  These pups will have Rib
Mountain lines on both mom and dad's sides.
 We still have 1 male and 4
females available for reservation.

Maia & Max (Porcelaine Puppies): Maia and Max puppies were born 9/2/17.  
She had 3 females and 4 males.  All pups and momma are doing great.  All pups
are still available for reservation.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Our
information on placing a deposit is listed in the "Purchasing Info/Prices" tab
and litter info is listed on the "Puppies/Upcoming Litters" tab.  Be sure to find
us on FaceBook by searching:  dnboerner@hctc.net and send a friend request

Thank you,
Nancy Boerner
Boerner's Bloodhounds